Animal and Plant Life at The Goldminer Hotel


How many wild animals will you see?

There are some variables; weather, season, luck.  You have a good chance of seeing big horn sheep particularly south of here; fox, everywhere; deer in the woods; and elk in open grassy areas usually in large herds. Less likely will be moose along stream beds; mountain lions in steep rocky areas; and bears in open woods.


You can increase your luck by visiting areas marked by wildlife viewing signage

One of the closest areas is Eye of the Heart Wildlife Refuge just two miles south of Rollinsville on State Highway 119. A wet marsh area the refuge is teeming with many species. For a comprehensive guide to wildlife viewing look at the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife website. 

Birding is popular. You may have noticed the series of bird houses on the Arapaho Ranch on the right about a mile before you entered Eldora. They are a part of a long running longitudinal study. For a comprehensive guide to birding in Boulder County look at Colorado County Birding.


The Goldminer has placed automated wildlife cameras in the open spaces behind The Hotel. These cameras are infrared and motion activated. From time to time we capture an interesting image. But sometimes they are only part of the cast of local dogs and cats.   We also are fortunate to have others send us sightings of Eldora wildlife such as these moose. If you get a great local wildlife photo, please consider letting us have a copy so future Guests can enjoy it, too.

And then there are the flowers and other plants 

Some may think that preserving all types of life may go too far. In September, 2013, The Boulder County Planning Commission will hear the Rights of Nature movement by "acknowledging (in the Comprehensive Plan) the rights of all naturally occurring ecosystems and their native species populations to exist and flourish." Still the wild flowers are magnificent. Some native and some non-native plants are right here at The Hotel but for a more comprehensive description check the library of printed and digital sources available at The Hotel,  look at this guide or stop at the Visitors' Center in Nederland for printed guides and advice.