Our Ecosystem

Things that fit together seem to work better. Apple Computers with its huge App Store, iDevices that can all share amongst each other, and actions that seem intuitive because they work together is an example. When I was writing the "Activities Overview" page on this site I thought about its ecosystem.

If one wanted to predict which new business or which new activity had a chance of success, you could examine it from the view of the area's mores. You  should also be able to "reverse engineer" what local people see as good from the list of successful activities.

Here we seem to value independence and being able to help others. Ethical treatment of all living creatures is essential. The mantra of "reduce, reuse, recycle" is practiced. The importance of the natural world is recognized. Small and independent is preferred over large controlled from else where.

A study of local residents a few years ago showed that they valued open space as the "highest and best use" of land. Economic development is seen as preserving reasons people live and visit here rather than building new.

So the activities that work are well exampled by The Carousel of Happiness."  The Community supports small independent businesses which can try to be unique, restaurants operated by one person or a family, outdoor opportunities that need little specialized equipment and probably not a team of people.

These are the reasons why cross country skiing is popular but motorized snow equipment is not. Casinos work 20 miles away with a draw from Denver but even a non-profit attempt at Bingo failed here.

The local community run movie theatre is wildly successful but I wouldn't put funding in a franchised multiplex. By the way if you are here on a weekend you should try the theatre at the Community Center which does show first run movies in digital format but in a place where people donated money to buy a seat and have their name put on it.

Like the night sky, if you haven't experienced a community like this you should really visit. If you have, you will feel at home.