Not Much Light Pollution Here

No doubt if you grew up in a city, you will find the night sky intense here at The Goldminer Hotel.  Intense in how dark it is.  If you grew up in a rural area, you will find the dark sky familiar. 

The Goldminer Hotel is located a few miles west of the cross hairs marked on this map.  It is close to the edge of the yellow and green boundary.  The colors (White, sky washed out by light pollution; The spectrum of color, more light pollution to less; Black, no light pollution.) relate to what is known as the Bortle Scale. This numeric scale quantifies the astronomical observability of celestial objects.  There are places that are darker than here but because of the altitude and the often dry air, the night sky at The Hotel is impressive.  On a clear night you will be amazed particularly if you come from a developed place.


Almost every field of knowledge has developed more information than the lay person could ever imagine.  Astronomy, sky observation, and related fields are no exception.  See dark for a lot more information. From time to time groups present public programs at The Hotel on topics like this.