Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Innkeepers of The Goldminer Hotel? When did you buy it? Why? The Hotel's Innkeepers are Carol R. Rinderknecht and Scott Bruntjen.  We purchased it in the Fall of 1986 although some have asked us if we are the original owners!  We both worked at a summer camp years ago a few miles from here and wanted to return.

When is the best time to visit?  Are you open all year?  Generally we are open from Thanksgiving until the end of ski season in April and from late June until late September.  Within those months there is no bad time.  Check the room availability calendar on this site for real time availability.

Sometimes you spell Gold Miner as two words and some times as one (Goldminer)? Why? Is this a typo?  The historical name of the building as you can see from the sign first painted in 1897 is two words.  Sometime in the 1960s the Owners began to use the one word version.  We use the term Gold Miner to refer to the historical building and the term Goldminer to refer to today's lodging business. 

Sometimes you spell your street name differently (Klondike or Klonkyke). Why? Is this a typo?  You will see wood street signs in Town and you can check the original plat map. Both spell it "Klondyke." But some internet map services and address databases use the incorrect spelling "Klondike," It varies in GPS units so we wanted to make you aware of the two spellings or you might not get here without a little irritation.

Do you permits pets?   There are two kennels in Nederland. To keep The Hotel as allergy free as possible we ask that you do not bring your pet. 

Is The Hotel non-smoking?  Do you recycle?  What are your environmental protection policies?  The Hotel is non-smoking and has been since we bought it in 1986.  Boulder County stresses and supports recycling and other activities which protect the environment.  With support from the County we reduce, reuse or recycle just about everything. If your group would like to participate in a event complete recycling program we will set that up for you. Because of these activities The Hotel was awarded a "green building star" award in 2012. 

What are all those big green books in The Hotel?  It is a full set of "The National Union Catalog."  We use it on a project we do for the Library of Congress published as the "Checklist of American Imprints."

Do you serve meals? Are there nearby restaurants?  Can members of my family who are not guests join us for breakfast? Do you accommodate special diets? We serve a full breakfast for Guests but we can not serve to others.  We will try to make what you want.  We serve it usually between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. but we are pretty flexible.  There are at least a dozen unique restaurants nearby although you will not find a chain restaurant.  We can help you with finding something you will really like for lunch and dinner. You can see sample Breakfast menus on the Menus page on this site.

What time is check-in?  What time is check-out? Generally check-in is after 2 p.m. and check-out is 11 a.m.  If you are going to be pretty late, please give us a call.

How is The Hotel heated? Do you have air conditioning? Is the water safe to drink?  We have a highly efficient. zone control propane hot water system supplemented by wood burning stoves and a large fire place. Sometimes it gets cold outside with minus 30 being the coldest we can remember but it really does not get hot in Summer.  All of the windows open. The air conditioning is fresh air. Our well is almost 300 feet deep. We have it tested annually. You can see the real time inside and outside temperatures on the Weather page on this site.

Have you ever been snowed in?   Do I have to worry about an avalanche? In two days in March, 2003 we got over seven feet of new snow.  That is the only time we had to walk out.  The County maintains the roads in Eldora as they are school bus routes.  Once there was an avalanche on the road up to the ski area but no  one was injured.  There are avalanches in the Wilderness area but not here at The Hotel.

Is there native wildlife?  What animals have you seen?  Do I have to worry about them?  When do the Deer change to Elk?  Animals are abundant.  We have seen Moose, Deer, Elk, Fox and a bunch of smaller animals.  We have heard Mountain Lions but not seen them.  At dawn and dusk we suggest you not hike alone but we have never heard a report of any harm caused by animals in Town.  They want to avoid you just as you want to avoid them.  We do have wildlife cameras set up and perhaps we can show you a photo of wildlife nearby.  The deer to elk question is one of the most popular questions at many Visitors' Centers.  You will have to ask them to explain.

I have heard that The Hotel has resident Ghosts.  Have you ever seen or felt their presence?  Some Guests have said they felt one and our plumber has a story about someone (thing) turning on the water when he thought it was off.  This is an old building and anything is possible but all reports are that they seem to be friendly.

What is the sales tax rate? Are there other fees?  This may be the lowest sales tax rate you will ever pay for a Hotel room; a total of 4.95%.  There are no other fees. Wifi, Internet, A full Breakfast are all included in your room rate.

Do you offer group rates? Do you offer discounts?  We offer rates for groups with Breakfast and with use of the Kitchen.  Group rates for staying overnight require that you rent all five rooms. Rates are available for the use of the Community Room.  Ask us for a specific quote. If you stay a week, the seventh night is free.

Do you provide transportation? Should I get a four wheel drive vehicle if I am renting a car?  We do not provide transportation; it requires licensing by the Public Utilities Commission.  During ski season you should consider renting a four wheel drive vehicle although the roads are usually accessible with a regular car with good tires.

Do you provide ski equipment? Where can I rent equipment?  We do not provide equipment.  The ski area has a rental shop and there are a number of ski rental shops in Boulder. For snowshoes try Wild Bear or Happy Trails in Nederland.

I am from sea level. Will I get altitude sickness?  We are located about a mile and a half above sea level.  If you are not used to altitude you might need to have a day to become acclimated.  Basically drink a lot of water; protect yourself from the sun year round and if you feel ill rest or at worst go to a lower altitude.  Of the thousands who have visited us only a few dozen have ever experienced any thing other than a headache.

Is there emergency medical care nearby?  Like almost anywhere dial 9-1-1 for help.  Our fire district maintains ambulances staffed by qualified emergency personnel.  

Will my cell phone work there? Do you have Internet access? Is there a fee for access? Is there a phone I can use if my cell phone does not work?  Cell service is spotty in the mountains.  At The Hotel your Verizon and Sprint phones should work.  AT&T may be spotty and T-Mobile will only work in its WiFi mode.  There is a phone available for your use if your cell phone does not work. The Hotel has high speed internet available to Guests without a fee.  There is a printer for printing boarding passes.

For being built in the late 1890s the building looks to be in good condition.  Have you worked on it?  Fortunately we started with a well built building. For the last fifteen years we have worked to restore The Goldminer.  Beginning with a grant from the Colorado State Historic Fund, we mapped out a complete plan.  Along the way we received five separate grants from Boulder County dedicated to renovation of Landmarked buildings and four awards on the work.  Today the building is much more energy efficient and structurally stable than it was when it was new.  If you are interested in knowing more about this work look at our renovation project website here. 

All those antiques. Are they original to The Hotel?  A previous Hotel owner collected antiques but they were sold in the 1970s. The collection we have came from our family homes and from an antique store, Aspen Antiques, that used to be located in Nederland. The owners of that store often remark that they wish they still had them. Today, The Hotel's setting is perfect for their display and use. 

How big are the beds?  The King beds are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. The Double or Full beds are 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. The two Bunk beds are each 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. All beds have real mattresses. They are not futons.