Stories over the years have described the "Ghosts" of the Gold Miner Hotel and other nearby attractions.  Some of these stories about The Hotel can be found on our Historic Preservation website. One, for example, begins: 

Our (Other) Residents

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 AT 8:53AM


We usually do not not mention ghosts until breakfast and maybe not then. We would like the guests to get a good nights sleep. Breakfast is usually when people talk of their experiences of the night before. Breakfast became a lively discussion when one guest mentioned that while getting ready for bed she felt a presence in the room watching her. She felt the wall and could tell it was female entity. She needed her sleep so she took the candles from her suitcase and led the presence out of the room. She was then able to get a good nights rest.

One night we were sitting on the porch tallking to the guests, neighbors and local police, someone mentioned it was going to be a full moon. We groaned because strange things happen to people during these times. The police agreed.   We had a gentleman stay with us on the night of a full moon. He had a room with a full view of the moon. I found him standing on the bed putting covers over the window. He said the moon was too bright and he had to block out its rays to protect himself from the moon. He said when he had the rays blocked he could close the room door and rest. In the morning, I usually ask if people were able to sleep, but I was not sure I should do this. He did say he was able to sleep once he had the ligjt under control.

Old buildings are always in need of plumbers. The day the plumber could come up was a day we needed to be in Boulder. We asked if he would be comfortable being there by himself. We asked him to keep the doors shut and locked because people felt comfortable walking in and showing the hotel to friends. The other concern was the ghosts that sometimes appeared. He said he did not believe in them and they did not scare him. When we got back, he said he was glad to see us and now he believed in ghosts. It seems that  he went down stairs to turn off the water and by the time he got upstairs the water was running. This happened three times. He yelled to the walls, OK, I believe, now let me finish and get out of here.

-- Carol Rinderknecht

As some of the comments in the Guest Book highlight, people "see ghosts."  Perhaps you will, too.