The Social Room


Before 1934 this area was outside. Still visible are bear claw marks on what had been The Hotel's side door. During the Depression community members expressed a desire to have a social club. Some members contributed funding to build an addition on the east side of The Goldminer and then agreed to pay annual dues for its use. Others, however, were not invited or found the initiation fee of $100 and the dues of $10 per year too expensive.

The architecture of the room is unique but the materials used were substandard compared to the original Hotel. By 2005 the Social Room needed to be rebuilt. Today after a comprehensive restoration it appears as it was constructed but now hidden in the ceiling is a steel framework that protects the roof from the extremely heavy snow load. The Social Room is still provided for community events (this time without dues) and is often available as a sitting room for Guests. 

Off The Social Room is the four person hot tub available to Guests during the Summer only, with advance notice. On the North wall of the Room is the original large stone fireplace but now upgraded with a fireplace insert which makes the fireplace extremely heat efficient.