Gifts, Special Offers, New Opportunities, More

Updated Spring, 2019

The Goldminer Hotel often has the opportunity to make Guests Special Offers.  These opportunities are listed on this page and are tweeted. Follow The Goldminer or bookmark this page for the latest offer.

If you mention this page at check-in we will give you a free gift that we are certain you will like. 

In our efforts to restore The Hotel we utilize historic photos, oral histories, documents, original stories, and other primary sources. If you provide us with an item that we have not seen, we will give you a gift certificate for a second night or a second room free with a paid reservation. If you own the publishing rights to the item and assign us a non-exclusive right to publish, we will up that offer to a free night no strings attached.

Many of our guests have special talents that we would like to use to enhance the story of The Hotel.  Several of the photos on this site were crafted by a guest.  In the 1990s we sponsored the Professional Snowboard Tour of America on ESPN and got some good video.  

There are many more activities that we would like to feature including: A full property ownership search and an accompanying story on previous Goldminer Hotel owners; An article with photos and video on local wildlife; Paintings and Drawings of life in the Eldora Valley; or Special foods that might have been featured in the Hotel dining room a century ago or better yet a meal using an actual menu from 1900.

If you would like to participate (we pay in free stays or use of the Social Room for your group or your family), please call or email us at The Goldminer.