Then and Now


A photo a day at 9 a.m.


Goldminer Hotel time lapse

The top photo was taken in the 1940s and the bottom in 2012. This made me think that it might be interesting to watch change over time. 

On the first day of Fall, 2013, we began to take a photo almost every day from the same place at the same time.




One change a day for a more efficient (hopefully greener) operation.

Note: To be included processes must have a positive environmental impact (based on a total life cycle measurement) while not causing a negative impact to Hotel operations or Guests.

9/22/13  Built shutters for the windows in the store room and furnace room. Most of the remaining air leaks seem to come from this area. 

9/23/13 Decided to combine trips to post office, recycling, and the like saving about five miles of driving a day. 

9/24/13 Overwhelmed (again) with junk mail; time to employ the app "Paper Karma." 

9/25/13 Began washing linens in cold water.

9/26/13 Used the last of inventory of paper food service ... now all washable and reusable.

9/27/13 Rewired electric circuits to encourage less power use. 

9/28/13 Cleaned heat exchangers in hot water heaters, pellet stoves, fireplace. 

9/29/13 Sealed cold air leaks through electrical outlets and switches with foam inserts. 

9/30/13 Encourage vendors to invoice without paper copies. 

10/1/13 Pay invoices by electronic means whenever possible.

10/2/13 Favor buying on-line if at all possible to reduce driving. 

10/3/13 Now using only recycled plastic or cloth bags for shopping.

10/4/13 Now making new (and sanitized) soap from soap scraps.

10/5/13 Examining trash stream for new ideas about reduce, reuse, recycle.

10/6/13 Identified ten Hotel "waste streams" for analysis. 

10/7/13 Make paper towel replacements from old bath towels (wash in cold water). 

10/8/13 Eliminate all new paper media (books, magazines, etc). Replace with digital or used. 

10/9/13 Began using biodiesel for backup generator. 

10/10/13 Questioned any appliance that is set on "heated dry." 

10/11/13 Challenged one outside group (The V at Lake Las Vegas) to look at "greening" activities. 

10/12/13 Challenged one outside group (The Estates HOA) to look at "greening" activities.