Basically, water can be liquid, a gas, or a solid and you can get in it, have it cover you from above, enjoy it as a vapor, get on it, throw it, or take things out of it and, oh yes, drink it.

You can do all of these at The Goldminer.

Get in it

Year round you can enjoy swimming, water slides, water fights and limited diving at the Recreation Center nearby in Gilpin County.  Soon after Gaming came to Gilpin County the government built with cash proceeds from the gaming taxes a Recreation Center that rivals any other. Included are two indoor pools that are available to members or to walk-in Guests at $5.00 per day (kids 5 and under are free). Well worth the trip. 

Closer to home you can enjoy the four person Hot Tub at The Hotel.  Located in a wood paneled room just off The Social Room, this facility is available to Guests at any time. 


Have it cover you from above 

Colorado prides itself in having 300 days of sunshine a year but there are those rainy, mountain misty days, there are short afternoon hail storms, and then there is SNOW. From late September through May you have a good chance to experience light, fluffy, brilliant white powder snow. Unlike other places, the snow stays white and then all of a sudden it is gone.

Enjoy it as a vapor

See Hot Tub above. 

Get on it

While the snow is here it is the basis for cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, winter hiking, tubing, sledding, and any other winter sport. All of these and more are within a few minutes of The Hotel.

Throw it

It does not take much skill to make a snow fort. Because of how much it is like powder, snowballs take a little more effort.

Take things out of it

Stream fishing and lake fishing of all types are available right here.  Some streams are placid and some are rushing. Lakes are deep and all the water is really, really cold year round. Save the swimming for the pool in Gilpin but enjoy fishing just down the street. Licenses are available at Ace Hardware in Nederland along with fishing advice. 

Drink it

Straight from the tap the water at The Hotel is great for drinking. It comes out colder than you might think even on the hottest day. There is nothing added and nothing taken out. A Hotel in Boulder advertises that its water comes from the Arapaho Glacier which is just west of here. Goldminer water really does come from there.