Current Weather at The Goldminer Hotel

The Goldminer has its own weather station.  Here you can see real time conditions both inside and out.

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Weather is a big story in Eldora.  A local musical group was known as "The Eldora Wind." During two days in March, 2003 seven feet of spring snow dumped on Eldora.   Early owners of the ski area were criticized because they did not take the wind into account when they cut the then new trails in the Corona Bowl. Just about everyone has a way to measure the wind including an anemometer connected to a bicycle which computes its measurement in "miles of wind."



Often guests go outside and race back in to tell us it is just "Soooo windy." We reply "what wind?" Thirty miles per hour is not noticeable when you have experienced a week of  twice that. 

The coldest we experienced was minus 30 degrees. We spent time in the furnace room making certain there was no problem. You could hear the metal roof shrink. We looked up the effect of cold on vehicle antifreeze and how much steel shrinks as we had just installed a new steel frame in the roof of the Social Room. Both the antifreeze and the roof were just fine and the new furnace had no problem heating the building. 

We have had "interesting" rain events.  Several years we had a microburst over The Hotel. The pile of hail from the roof was several feet deep and remained a week in August. Just down the street the hail was so deep that the County had to bring in the snow plow to open the road.  When you drive to The Goldminer you will see a grove of aspens on the right that has many dead trees. This was an outcome of the leaves being striped during that storm. The largest Colorado flood occurred in September, 2013. We received about 7 inches of rain in three days. That is about one quarter of the precipitation we experience in a year. As noted in the Blog on this site it was dramatic but not damaging here. 

The largest snowfall we remember here was seven feet in two days in March, 2003. We had to shovel the roof. The roads were not passable for the only time in the last twenty five years. The roof of the Community Center in Nederland collapsed but we experienced no damage. 

When you come particularly if you are planning to hike in the summer bring a coat and sun screen. Weather changes quickly but overall the days are sunny with 300 days of sunshine per year. It often rains for twenty minutes or so in the afternoons in the summer. It is usually clear and cool at night in the summer and might be cold and windy in the winter but that can be replaced on a moment's notice with bright sun, no wind and temperatures in the mid forties.

Fortunately for us the people who built The Hotel in the late 1890s put it in the right place to protect from dangerous weather and they built it well enough to thrive since 1897.