The most obvious choice for Winter activities revolve around Eldora Mountain Resort, a downhill and cross country ski area five minutes from The Goldminer Hotel. Eldora is a great area for the beginner and while the trails might not be as long as areas on the west side of the Divide, they are just as challenging. Eldora has built its popularity on being easy to reach from the Denver area. No traffic on I 70 but then if you are staying at The Goldminer, you really have no traffic.


Cross Country skiing (also referred to as "Nordic") including snowshoeing is quite popular at Eldora. Some trails, but not all, are groomed. A morning with a foot of new snow makes for a delightful outing in the forest.


A little less obvious are the local Winter activities. With the assistance of a Great Outdoors Colorado grant Nederland has constructed a full sized outdoor ice skating rink. While there are organized activities such as hockey there is also a lot of opportunity for individuals to drop in. 

The majority of land in Western Boulder County is government owned and it is home to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, hiking, bird watching, animal tracking and, in short, just about anything you can consider all without charge. Published paper guides and digital online guides to all of these opportunities abound.  Here is one guide out of thousands.

The equipment, advice, and opportunity you might desire for outdoor Winter activities is plentiful. Come and enjoy the area and make The Goldminer your convenient headquarters.